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Naughty List Sign

Are you on the naughty list? If you are proud of it, you’ll want to make this sign! I found this sign at Goodwill last week and loved it, but knew I could make it. Also I wanted to give you all a way to make the naughty list sign it too! So I created a printable, grabbed some Dollar Tree items and got to work on making this sign for you all!

Here is the supplies you’ll need:

Once you have your supplies, print out the printable and get started! I printed mine in the size 5×7, it fit the sign I was working with. You may need to use a different size, depending on your sign size. Dollar Tree has many different sized signs and even frames you could put it in.

How to make it:

Take out the insert to the sign it just pops out with enough pressure, remove the paper or sand it down.

Paint the backing white , and the frame black

Trace out the back piece to fit your printable and cut it out, then Mod Podge it in place.

Using a dry brush paint black all over the printable, using next to no paint, very light coats.

Attach backing back into frame


Here is a video tutorial on Facebook:


This is my version using the printable and sign in the picture above. Be creative and do it your own way. The pintable’s are below and can be printed on any printer paper, I used a thicker cardstock type paper. Just click the link and save it to your device. If you don’t have the ability to print any office store will print for you, you just email them the image.

You can also click this image and save it too! I love this naughty list sign! I hope you enjoy these pintable’s and please share your sign with me if you make one! You can share it in my crafting group Crafting with Creating Through Chaos.

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  1. Love this! Is there a link for the pumpkin snowman tree? I’ve been searching but can’t find anything, that’s SO cute!!
    I love everything you do, your videos are addicting, your explanations to the point and the list of supplies is awesome. I find myself lost in your creations every single day. My friend called me the other day and hollered at me for recommending your videos to her…she watches quite often as well!
    Keep on crafting. We all love you and all that you do!!

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