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Patriotic Candle Holder

This patriotic candle holder is super easy to make and turned out super cute! It is truly amazing what you can make with some scrap wood. This candle holder could be made in many different ways to compliment any decor style or any holiday! Come follow along!


Scrap 4×4 – My Stash
Tin Mold- Thrift Store
Red, White and Blue Paints
Star Stencil- Dollar Tree
Brown Wax

First, I drew out some lines on the scrap wood with a pencil. I measured halfway and did the top half in one square and the bottom I broke into five lines. Then I painted the top blue and the bottom I did red and white stripes. I did not worry about it being perfect, as this is going to very rustic. I repeated this process on all four sides of my square.

Second, I took the star stencil and did a few stars on the blue. Again, I did this on all 4 sides.

Third, I took my sanding sponge and sanded the whole piece. I wanted it to look rustic as I said before.

Finally, I used some hot glue and a bit of E600 to glue the tart tin to the top of the block to hold out candle. All done!

How AMAZING did this turn out?!?! I LOVE IT!! I added a battery-operated candle to it, and it just looks so cute!! You could add some greenery if you wanted, but I like it as is! You could use this same idea and add a stencil to each side, or Mod Podge a napkin in a seasonal design. The possibilities are endless! Do you think you’ll make one of these Patriotic Candle Holder??

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