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Patriotic Painted Baseballs

As you can probably tell I love making Patriotic crafts, and what is more Patriotic than baseball?! I thought some Patriotic Painted Baseballs would make a great bowl filler! They came out soooo cute, I thought I would share the DIY with you all!

You’ll need some baseballs, I used old ones I had found I wanted the used textured look of the beat up baseballs. You can use new ones also, that is just fine. Grab some paint in Navy Blue, Burgundy and White acrylic paints, and some paint brushes and we will get to painting!

The baseballs are split into sections, so for the first section you are going to paint that burgundy all the way around. Paint over half the stitching also. On this part once it is dry you’ll add white stripes.

The next section the opposite of the burgundy, you’re going to paint the navy blue color. Don’t forget the stitching too! =) Once those are both done and dry, you may want to add a second coat of each color.

Once you have both sides painted and their second coats on, you can get to painting the stars & stripes! This will be done with the white paint and a small paint brush. Once they dry, second coat if needed on the white stripes and stars.

**Optional** If you want a more rustic look to the baseballs you can add some brown wax or water down some burnt umber paint and rub all over the baseball and wipe off excess.

You just made some super cute and easy Patriotic Painted Baseballs! HOW CUTE ARE THESE!?!?! =)

If you prefer to see a video DIY you can find that here on My Facebook page along with MANY more DIY videos!

You can find us on YouTube too here!


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