Good Morning!

I have been busy looking for a place to live,
and doing a little creating! They seem to take up most of my days!

I LOVE quotes and funny little pictures,
so I thought I would share a few!
Most are from Pinterest (of course) &
a few are from other places on the net!


All are true and some just for fun!

I have been doing a little crafting, here
are some things I have made!

Fabric Covered Box w Stencil Design On Top

Hand Painted Box w Old Label 

I made a bunch more of these little peat pots,
I had an order for ones with different sayings on them.

They came out cute! I hope she likes them! =)

Well until next time, Enjoy your Sunday!

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3 Replies to “Quotes And Creations”

  1. Loved all of the quotes, and your creations are adorable. Blessings ~Sara

  2. Funny quotes and pictures, haha!

    Love what you've been crafting! I have been buying those little peat pots since last spring because I think they are so cute and now I have quite a collection of them, lol. Never knew what I would do with them, just thought they were cute. I have seen some made up for Halloween but I like your idea much better. These are really cute, simple, and prim! I don't want to copy you so I'm still not sure what I'm going to do but these work perfect for the little battery tea lights. I bought lots of them last year and grubbied them up with wax. They've been setting ever since because I didn't know what to do with them either. Lol! Obviously I just like to buy cause it's cute and figure it out later. Anyway, I'm sure your customer will love them!

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