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Rustic Patriotic Clothespin Bundle

Some of my favorite projects that I do are for sure related to the Summer holidays, mixing in anything Patriotic. I love doing a flag theme on my hutch for the Summer months, it works with the entire season and is super easy to mix and match. Finding small items can sometimes be difficult to fill in those smaller spaces. Follow along with me for a Rustic Patriotic Clothespin Bundle.


Round Peg Clothespins

Red, White & Blue Paints

Antique Brown Wax


Coffee Dyed Muslin

Sweet Annie

Rusty Metal Star

First start off by painting each of your round peg clothespins with a different color. One pin will be red, one will be blue, and one will be antique white.

After your paint has dried, go ahead and give each of the clothespins a sand, this will give them the rustic look that we are going for. Then give each of them a coat of antique wax, this will also help with the rustic look.

Now go ahead and grab your piece of coffee dyed muslin and tie it around your clothespins. You will want to stack them so they look like a little bundle of wood. Before you make your second knot in your muslin add your sweet Annie and tie that right into the knot.

Finally take your rusty metal star and attach it to the top of the muslin knot using some hot glue.

This project was so simple to put together, it took no time at all other than waiting for paint to dry in between steps. It is going to look super cute nestled in on my hutch for this Summer. Do you think you will make a Rustic Patriotic Clothespin Bundle?

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