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Shabby Chic Love Stand

This project came to be because I had this left over stand from the Dollar General Valentines Truck Sign we made (DIY here)and I of course I can’t just throw it away, that would be crazy right? I mean its a good piece of wood! Ha-Ha, how many times have we said that about stuff?! So I decided to make another DIY using the stand, and that is how I came about the Shabby Chic Love Stand. A long time ago I saw something similar using the word Noel at Christmas time, except the just glues the letters to the wood and their wasn’t a built in groove like this piece had, so I was one step ahead! Come see what I came up with!

Here are the supplies:

Truck Stand

Jumbo Craft Sticks (Popsicle Sticks, Big Ones)

Scrapbook paper (Hobby Lobby)

Burlap Flower Or Any Flower

Pretty Button

Acrylic Paints (Pink & Off White)

Mod Podge

That is all you need, remember that you can make your own and use whatever you have on hand. This is just a starting an idea, run with it and make it fit you and your home.

First, I cut all the craft sticks to the sizes I needed to make the letters L, V & E. You will need for the L one long piece and one short piece for the V you’ll need two long pieces the same size. I used the L’s long size I cut to determine the size of the rest of the letters. The E you will need one long piece and 3 smaller pieces, cut your long piece the size of the L and V. Then I painted all those and the stand off white, after they dry glue your letters together.

Second you can cut your scrapbook paper to the size of your stand and mod podge it on. Once it is dry, cut a slit down the center where the truck would have stood, leave the excess paper. You can sand the edges of the stand to remove excess paper and give it a rustic look.

Third, glue your letters into the stand, they fit right in the slat. Leave a space in between your L and V for your O, which will be your flower.

Fourth, I took the pink paint and dry brushed some of it all over the letters using a rag to wipe off and sort of smear the excess paint. It really made those letters POP!

Five, glue your button onto the front of your burlap flower. If you are using another kind of flower and don’t want a button skip this step.

Six, glue your flower where the “O” in Love would normally go!


How shabby chic adorable is this?? Can be used for Valentines Day or all year!

Don’t you just love how this turned out?! It is amazing what you can turn something that you weren’t going to use into a super cute piece décor!


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  1. Michelle Stephanie Walz says:

    So cute ♡ o think you just have all this love in your head & it comes out in creative ways ♡♡♡

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