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Snowman Mason Jar Candle Holder

Crafting for the Winter months is so much fun! There are so many different ideas that I have for this time of year, I never seem to get to all of them! Snowmen have to be one of my favorite things to center a craft around, because they’re just so festive and easy to change up. I loved making this Snowman Mason Jar Candle Holder, and I hope you give one a try for yourselves too!


Tea Light Mason Jar – Dollar Tree
Sponge Pouncer
Bakers Twine – Silver and White
Paint – White, Black, Pink & Orange 

First, I used my sponge pouncer with white paint and made Snowmen heads around the whole mason jar.

Second, I used the end of my paintbrush with black paint to create the eyes on each of the white Snowmen heads.

Third, I blotted a small amount of red paint on each of the heads for the rosy cheeks. I then used orange paint and painted on the noses for each Snowman.

Fourth, I once again used the end of my paintbrush with black paint to create the dots for each Snowman mouth.

Fifth, I painted a black line above each eye to create the eyebrows. I then used the end of my paintbrush again with white paint to dot each of the eyes.

Sixth, I used a small amount of white paint on an old toothbrush to splatter white specks all over the entire mason jar.

Seventh, I used some white and silver bakers twine and tied a bow around the top of the jar.

Finally, I hot glued the bell to the center of the bow.

Here is the final project all completed, how do you think it turned out? I am absolutely in love with this Snowman Mason Jar Candle Holder! I already put it on my coffee table and lit the candle! It is so festive and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out! This project was so simple but still brings out the fun with the Snowmen! I hope you give this one a try for yourselves!

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