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Spring Mixed Media Tag

If you love mixed media than this project is for you, especially if you love vintage style! I grabbed a bunch of supplies which I have listed below and just started piecing them together. When doing mixed media, you kind of just go with the flow and I will try my hardest to explain the steps, but sometimes you just can’t get it all in the pics. Follow along on how to make your own Spring Mixed Media Tag!


Wooden Tag- Walmart
Small Wood Cutout
Tissue Paper
Stamps -Dollar Tree
Muslin Fabric

First, I painted my wood pieces. The tag I painted the edges of and the small cut out I painted an antique white, I left the center of the tag unpainted for now.

Second, I took some tissue paper and crinkled it all up into a ball. Then flattened it out, this will give you a bunch of wrinkles in the tissue paper. I Mod Podge the tissue paper onto the center of the tag.

Once the tissue paper was dry, I painted it a pale pink. It is hard to see the color in the pictures. I also covered the small wood cutout with muslin fabric, using Mod Podge also.

Dollar Tree had these super cute bird stamps; I used one of those to stamp right on the muslin of the wood cutout.

Here is the fun part; adding the embellishments!! In this part I added some buttons and a scrapbook paper cut out that said blessed.

Here is added the word spring using stickers, I painted the stickers to match my tag colors. I also used a small piece of ribbon, and a small flower next to the bird stamp on the cutout. To give everything an antique look I went around with the brown wax and added it to the edges of everything, until I was happy with the desired antiquing.

Finally, I added a flower to the top and some ribbon from Dollar Tree for a hanger! That is, it!! It is so much to just use a bunch of different supplies to make a project! I love being able to dive into my stash and use things I have already!

I think it turned out so beautifully! it has so many of my favorite things, birds, stamping, buttons, an antique look. It has it ALL! Mixed media is so much fun!! I hope this inspires you to create something out of your stash of embellishments! Do you think you’ll make a Spring Mixed Media Tag?

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