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Summer Plant Stake

The Summer weather is here, which means everybody will be spending more time outside. I know so many people love to plant gardens once they can finally get out there and get to it. Having cute little knick knacks and signs in any garden always gives it even more life than it has naturally. Follow along with me and learn how to make your own Summer Plant Stake.


Plant Stake- Dollar Tree

1/2 Wood Beads

Watermelon Cutout- Joanns

Acrylic Paints: Red, Green & White

Brown Wax

Hot Glue


For step 1 we are going to start by painting the bottom of the plant stake with our brown wax. This could take a couple coats to fully cover the wood.

Step 2 we are going to paint the top portion of our wooden stake with our white paint. Again this could take more than 1 coat to fully cover.

Now using your red paint cover the inside of your watermelon completely. Then using your green paint cover the outside rind of the watermelon.

Next while you still have your green and red paint out we are going to cover our 1/2 beads. Paint 2 of them green and 2 of them red.

Using your hot glue attach the watermelon cut out to the white portion of the sign. Also attach your 1/2 beads to the 4 corners of your sign.

Finally I made a bow out of the raffia and attached it to the top of the stake post with a dab of hot glue.

This little sign came out so adorable, it was super easy to make and fun. I put mine inside of a potted flower plant, you could do the same or add it to your outside garden. It adds an extra burst of color wherever you put it. Do you think you will make a Summer Plant Stake?

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  1. Karen Funk says:

    Thank you for posting something for summer. It isn’t fall yet! We have lovely weather here through August. Haven’t seen the watermelon cutout at JoAnn. Turned out cute.

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