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Thrift Store Flower Makeover

I am always in the thrift stores looking for things to breathe new life into. I love taking something old and otherwise no good and turning into something amazing and useful again. On one of my thrift store treasure hunts I ran across this beat up gold flower plaque, it was far from pretty. It was in fact pretty ugly ha-ha! Well it was only $1, and I thought maybe I can breathe some new life into it and that is exactly what I did!! This came out so cute, I am going to gift it to my niece for her bedroom. Come see this thrift store flower makeover!

There she is, as gold as ever! It needed something. Turns out not a whole lot, literally just some paint, that’s it! I grabbed a pink, green and off white and got to work!

First step, lose the gold. This is where I took the off white paint and gave it two nice coats. It already looks sooo much better with just the white paint.

Second step, I dry brushed my pink paint all over just the roses. You don’t need a lot of paint but just enough to give it color. On parts I felt I got darker than I wanted I added a little white back over it. I played around back and forth between white and the pink just getting the exact look I wanted. It came out so perfect! It already is looking so nice!

Step 3, I repeated the same process with green on the leaves. This pulled the whole thing together and finished it! I wanted to keep it simple and easy. That was super easy! It came out beautiful. I’ll be sealing it with a spray matte sealer as I don’t want a glossy finish.

Totally love how this turned out, so pretty and simple. It is WAY better than the gold it was. It truly is amazing what paint and a few minutes of time can do! This whole think did not take long, maybe 30 mins, not including drying time of course.

So much detail brought out by just paint.

It really is so pretty and so simple!

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  1. Michelle Stephanie Walz says:

    It was a sign of the times to be gold like that ~ love the beauty you brought forth ♡

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