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Thrifted Candle Holder Makeover

Here we go again, I am making over another thrift store find! This candle holder is one of those items I bought because it was only $1.00 and I knew someday I would do something with it! Well, someday was like YEARS later HAHA! I had kind of forgotten about it and I also wasn’t set on what I wanted to do with it, so it got pushed to the side. The other day I was organizing some of my craft stash and had it all piled and one thing sitting next to another and it all fell into place….I am not sure if that happens to you, but it does to me! All. The. Time! This came out better than anything I had envisioned for this candle holder! Come join me while for this thrifted candle holder makeover!


Thrifted Candle Holder

3 Round Wooden Pieces (Michaels)

3 Mini Terracotta Pots

3 Different Style Bead Stickers (Dollar Tree)

3 Small Succulent’s (Dollar Tree)

Tissue Paper (Dollar Tree)

Chalk Paint

Spanish Moss

Mod Podge


First, I painted everything with a coat of white chalk paint. Once that was dry I used the color Vintage chalk paint for all the pieces, except the top of each of the 3 circles, those are left white.

These are the 3 different stickers I used for the top of each pot.

Second I placed the stickers on each pot, using one sticker type for each. Once I had them stuck on I painted them in the vintage color I used for the pot itself. Then dry brushed white all over the stickers and the the rest of the pots.

Third I cut the tissue paper into small squares, enough to cover just the top of each wooden circle. Apply the Mod Podge, allow to dry and then iron using parchment paper. This helps reduce wrinkles in your paper.

Fourth, I sanded down the candle holder, also remove the excess tissue paper on the circles too!

Fifth step, I added some glue to the top of each candle cup and glued the circles onto them.

Finally I added some spanish moss to each pot and then added a succulent to each pot.

Finally place your pots on each of the wooden circles! DONE!!

This turned out AMAZING!! I love it and couldn’t be happier with this DIY!

So pretty and can be kept out year round!

I hope you enjoyed this thrifted candle holder makeover as much as I enjoyed making it. Check out my others below!

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  1. barbara young says:

    Well, now I have to go out and try and find one of these candle sticks 🙂

  2. Beth Pierce says:

    Sometimes you can find old newel posts or staircase spindles at salvage yards and junk stores that would work for this project, too. You may have to increase the size of the bottom plate and the pots, however.

  3. Michele Wulderk says:

    Beautiful up-cycle. Nice.

  4. I didn’t find anything like the 3 sticks…but I did find 2 crystal candle sticks and will make a set with these and glue on a painted live edge round and put one of the pots just on that with the candlesticks…I think it will look great…same idea inky done a tad different with what I could find…

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