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I have been MIA for quite sometime, and wanted to say Hello to you all. I see I have a bunch of new followers and I am super excited about that!! It has been a rough few weeks for my family and I. We had some unexpected loses of some very close people in our lives. It started on February 27th when my sons Grandfather passed away, then the following Sunday March 6th they lost a cousin and then the next Saturday March 12th we lost a very close family friend. We have just been living in complete shock and disbelief. I have never seen such tragedy so close like this in my life. I myself have just lost motivation to do anything, no crafting no blogging no nothing. I just feel so sad and empty inside. In the midst of all of this I have been doing some serious thinking about life and love and friends and family and have realized that life is to short. I think about all the missed opportunities and brief goodbyes and hectic lives and not making time for those people we love and care about. In my life that sort of thing is not going to happen anymore as much as I can prevent it. We are not guaranteed tomorrow and today is a gift. I want to live knowing I myself have lived to my fullest and enjoyed my life family and friends. I will never miss an opportunity to say I love you or spend some time with friends and family. Every little second counts and I am going to use ALL of mine! It has also opened my eyes to thinking about my health and that I should be taking better care of me so I can be here for many more years. I know I am young but that does not change anything, the above people we lost were 60, 40, 39 all of those are young way to young! I keep thinking about this saying.
“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”
How true are those words, we all need and want and work so hard to fill those needs and wants that sometimes we all forget what is really important. We can have all the latest gizmo’s and gadgets and big house and nice cars, none of which we can take with us when its our time to go. The only think you can take with you are your memories, nothing else will matter at that point. Sure you can leave it all to your family, but that is not going to make them feel better or miss you any less or comfort them. The things that will comfort them are not things at all, it is your memories you leave them with the time you spent with them the impact you left on their lives. I think what impact will I leave on my loved ones what will they remember me for?? What would they say after I was gone? What memories will they talk about? What kind of impact will I have on them when I am not here? What have I taught them? These are questions I have no answers to, but I am going to do my best at leaving a good impact and memories on those I care about. I want to live my life to the fullest and do the things I love and try new things and share it all with everyone!! I want to thank all of you because I love to come here and read all your blogs, some make me laugh and others inspire me and some have made me cry, it is great to see so much sharing and caring all going on here. It is truly amazing!
Thank you all for listening to my rambling it all probably makes no sense, but I really needed to vent! =)
((HUGS)) ~Jan
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