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Wood Slice Spring Chickee

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, everything coming back to life and days are longer and warmer. Seeing the rebirth of everything is just beautiful! In school we always hatched little baby chicks, and they were the cutest! I love how fluffy they are and how adorable their little peeps were. I wanted to add some of these cute little chickees to my spring decor. So I decided to make my own little chickees out of some wood slices I had. They came out so ADORABLE!! Follow along as I make a wood slice spring chickee!

These are the supplies for the chickee.

Wood Slice (Hobby Lobby)

2 small hearts and 2 larger hearts (I had on hand)

Feathers (Dollar Tree)

Acrylic Paints, yellow, white, orange, red and black

First paint all of your pieces, they may take a couple coats each. I also painted the whole edge of my wooden slice black, since all the bark has disappeared off it. If yours has the bark, I would leave that and not paint it.

Second, adding our chickees details. Paint its eyes and nose using a thin brush. Using a pencil tip add all the little dot details to it’s body and dots to the eyes.

Third glue your bigger hearts to the bottom for his feet. The smaller hearts you’ll glue to either side of the circle for the wings.

Finally glue a small piece of the yellow feather on the top of the circle. DONE!

How stinkin’ adorable is this wood slice spring chickee!?! Ahh, love it!!

This will look so perfect in an Easter tier tray, or in a Easter vignette.

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