An Upcycle & A Beach Trip!

Yesterday I spent the day here ^ and it was awesome!
I took all the kids and my Mom and headed for the beach,
on our way we found my MIL and she came too!! We had a great time!
He played in all the tide pools and found a ton of shells
and he threw rocks in the water over n over!
The older kids do not let me take pics..=(
Teenagers Ugh!
Before we went to the beach, we had to stop at the hospital..
My BF had her baby on Monday, so I had to visit the little guy.
Jason Jr.
7lbs, 19 in
He is adorable!!
I also finished my little chair re-do it came out great!
Well I am off to get some things done today, so I can craft!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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