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I Found My Motivation Halloween Creations…

Hello Friends!
I have so much to share today!!
I have been working on Fall and Halloween items (In July lol it seems so weird)
I have been having fun though, so that is all that matters!
Here are some of the goodies:
Kaleb Kitty
Bed Spring Pumpkins
Painted Pumpkin
Susan Bird Design
Halloween Skate
Trick Or Treat Sign
I have lots more in the works,
I will share those when they are complete!
I also participated in a swap over at Prim Pals Forum
and I received the nicest stuff from my partner
Thank You Lora!!
We also have the C.A.W. project going on….what is C.A.W. you ask?
Well it is “Create A Witch” one of our wonderful members Kookie
created a witch body, and we are sending around this witch body to our members
each member adds an item to the witch and takes a photo of just the part they did.
A small picture at that. No one will see her complete until she gets back to Kookie who
will then photograph her as a whole and post her picture. Once she reaches Kookie we will be
doing some sort of giveaway to win her! We have named her Mary Goodwart, and she arrived at my house
the other day! I will do my part to her, sign her and send her on her way!
I am so excited!
I also wanted to brag a minute about my friend Deb!
Deb makes the cutest things and her talent is amazing!
Today she has listed some of her newest items in her Etsy Shop
Here are some of her items:
Look at the colors!! OMG I am in love!
I think this one is my fav!
LOL~ Adorable!!
Yes yes!!
Aren’t they all just so AWESOME??!!
Go check out her shop!!
Well Happy Friday All!! Hope you have a great weekend!
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