100+ Follower Giveaway!

I can not believe it! I hit it, 100+ followers!!
Here is the giveaway as promised:
One of these skates could be yours! The winner can choose the color they want!
Donna at Sweet Prairie Dwellings, 
will be adding a special gift to the winner as well!

There is no catch, no leaps and bounds! 
Just post here and let me know you want to be entered. 
I will pick a winner on Sunday night 12/19.
I will ship out the package first thing Monday morning! 
I want to give people time to enter and during this time of the year so many of us are very busy! 
This skate can be left up all winter long, as it is not holiday specific, so no need to rush!
If you want to post it on your Blog or Facebooks Etc.. Feel Free but,
there will be no extra entries for those who do 
(sorry I want to be fair to all) 1 entry each!
Thank You to All Who Helped Me Reach This Goal! 
I am so glad to have met so many bloggers who have the same interests and who are so willing to help!
I love all my prim and not so prim blog friends, you all make blogging so much fun! 
Happy Holidays and Good Luck!
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