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Charlie Brown Tree

I totally LOVE Charlie Brown, and I know I am not alone!! I have been making these little Charlie Brown Trees for a long time and I thought it was time to share how to make them with you all! Hope you enjoy this DIY as much I enjoyed making it! Let’s get started making our Charlie Brown Tree! Here is what you’ll need!


Aluminum can (recyling)

Greenery pick (Hobby Lobby)

Red Ornament (Dollar Tree)

Mod Podge (Hobby Lobby)

Instant Coffee (Dollar Tree)

Cinnamon (Dollar Tree)

Small square of blue fabric (My stash)

Floral foam block (Dollar Tree)

Printable (Below)

Step 1– download and print your design. Then mix some instant coffee and water together this is your stain for your paper. You’ll use about a cup of water and a tablespoon or so of coffee, the more water you add the lighter the stain, the more coffee the darker the stain. you can play with the amount and decide how you want your stain. Spread your coffee stain all over the paper with a paint brush. Once it is all covered, allow to fully dry, I stick mine in the oven on the lowest temp it will go on a cookie sheet. DO NOT LEAVE IT ALONE! It will dry quick. If you live in a sunny place, set it outside in the sun. After it dries cut down the design to the size you need for the can you have.

Step 2- Take the Mod-Podge and cover the center of the can with it and place on your design. Now Mod Podge the rest of the can, then while wet sprinkle cinnamon all over the can avoiding the wording on your design. Leave to dry.

Step 3- once your cinnamon is completely dry run a coat of mod podge over the cinnamon to seal it. Let dry.

Step 4- Now that is all dry, take your floral foam push it inside the can. If it isn’t a tight fit, add some to the sides or you can use small rocks to give it weight. Then take your pine pick and push it down into the foam and hot glue into place. Curve the pick so it is kind of bent over to one side.

Step 5- take your small piece of blue fabric wrap around the bottom of the tree.

Step 6- hang your ornament at the end of your pick. I added a drop of hot glue to the ornament string to secure it in place.

You are done!!!

Admire your Charlie Brown Tree!

How ADORABLE is this?? I love the way this came out!! I will be making a few for family and friends for the holidays!

Will you be making one?

If you prefer a video version of this DIY it is on My Facebook here!


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  1. Jeanette Reed says:

    I am always looking for somewhat easy projects to do with my client this is amazing.

  2. Oh my gosh…I saw this while searching for something else and absolutely fell in love! Glad it was your page and not Pinterest. I just finished mine. Wish I could provide a pic.
    I already had cans that we sprayed with two different spray paints for the “rusty look” so I used that and did the cinnamon on top. Thank you for providing the downloads for the ‘labels’!!! I found some fabric at Joann that I thought was perfect…it was part of the glitterbug costume fabric line and it draped so easily!

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