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DIY Farmhouse Faux Book Stack

When I was browsing through Hobby Lobby I came across a clearance sale on this Easter book stack. I knew I wanted to make something with it and decided to purchase it. When I got it home I sat for a bit and ran through different ideas and finally decided on making this DIY Farmhouse Faux Book Stack. I had all of the other supplies on hand, and knew it could make this beautiful. I hope you follow along and decide to make one of your own too!


Clearance Easter Book Stack – Hobby Lobby
Buffalo Check Scrapbook Paper
Farm Animal Stamps – Hobby Lobby 
Blessed Cutout – Hobby Lobby
Wood Beads
White Paint

First, I painted the book stack with the white paint and let dry. I then cut a piece of the buffalo check scrapbook paper to fit across the top of the book stack. I then secured it on with Mod Podge.

Second, I used the farm animal stamps and ink to stamp one of each to the spine of each book.

Third, I painted the “blessed” cutout with black paint.

Fourth, I hot glued the “blessed” cutout to the center book spine.

Fifth, I cut a large piece of twine, and wrapped it double around the book stack. I tied a knot to hold it in place leaving a lot of extra length on each end for the next step.

Sixth, I had taken the four wood beads and painted two white and two black. Once those dried I threaded one of each onto each end of the twine tying the ends into knots to secure them.

Finally, I took another small piece of twine and tied it into the center of the beads threading the greenery through it.

Here’s the final result, how do you think it turned out? I’m so glad I decided to go this direction with this particular craft project, because I think it came out amazing! I love that you can do basically anything at all you want with this book stack and it would come out beautiful! So what do you think, will you be trying this DIY Farmhouse Faux Book Stack out for yourself too?

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