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Patriotic Home Shelf Sitter

Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year. How can you not love warm nights, blooming flowers, singing birds, and crafting that you can do outside. I get super excited to craft for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, Patriotic crafts are some of my favorite projects to get done. Anything involving stars and stripes are my go to once the warmer weather gets here. Follow along with me for this Patriotic Home Shelf Sitter.


Scrapwood- My Stash


Home Cut Out- Joanns

White Paint

Mod Podge

Hot Glue

Start by taking your scrapwood and covering it with the Mod Podge. Make sure to completely cover the wood, this is going to attach our napkin.

While your Mod Podge is still wet lay your napkin across the wood. Cut off the over laying napkin to fit the scapwood.

Now using your white paint cover the Home cut out, this could take a coat or two. Make sure to completely cover so that the napkin really pops.

Once your paint on your sign is dry we are going to attach it to the scrapwood. Using hot glue run a small bead around the back of the sign and attach it to the scrapwood. Once the sign is attached the project is complete. This came out super cute, I’m so excited to display it in my house. Do you think you will make a Patriotic Home Shelf Sitter?

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