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DIY Painted Snowman Skate

What a fun and festive way to get in the holiday spirit than to get a crafty with some snowmen, and ice skates! This is one of my favorite crafts to make! I just love how they come out and they’re amazing to display throughout the winter, not just the holiday! Come join me and learn how to make this absolutely adorable DIY PAINTED SNOWMAN SKATE!


Old Skate 
Enchanted Shimmer

First, I base coat painted the skate and let dry. Then I used chalk to draw the snowmen head outlines along the bottom on both sides.

Second, I painted the snowmen heads along the bottom of the skate white.

Third, I painted the snowmen eyes on both sides.

Fourth, I finished off the snowmen faces all the way around the skate with the carrot nose and dots for the mouth.

Fifth, I painted the words on one side using a tiny paint brush, or you could use a paint pen.

Sixth, I painted on the snowflakes and used a paintbrush too lightly splatter white all over both sides.

Seventh, I mixed some white along with some of the base coat color to paint the outline around the snowmen heads. Let that dry.

Eighth, once all dry I covered the whole skate with the enchanted shimmer. finally to finish it off I then laced the skate with ribbon. Style to your liking, you could always add greenery or florals or even a candle to create your perfect holiday skate!

Here is the finished skate! These are a beautiful once the final piece is done! I love creating on women’s ice skates and there are so many fun and festive ways you could make your skate stand out! I hope this gives you the creative push to try one of these DIY PAINTED SNOWMAN SKATES for yourselves!

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