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Vintage Farmhouse Santa Shelf Sitter

I got these super cute stencils off of Amazon, and one was a vintage Santa. I love anything vintage, especially Santa! These stencils aren’t big but they are perfect for little projects such as this and they were super inexpensive and you get 16 stencils!! I think you’ll love how this vintage farmhouse Santa shelf sitter turns out!

Here is where to get them https://amzn.to/3DegjRn

(this is an affiliate link, I earn a small commission for each sale at no extra cost to you)

This is the supplies you’ll need. I ended up not using the twine and ended up using black and white striped ribbon from Dollar General instead.

First thing I did was paint my block black and once it was dry I did a light coat of white over it. I allowed for some of the black to show through the white.

Second I lined up my stencil and used the black paint to stencil it on. I used a VERY small amount of paint on my sponge pouncer.

Last thing was to add the small bow I made to the top left hand corner. Project complete! How easy and fast was that?! It turned out so awesome and I love how vintage it looks, mixed with the farmhouse style! Does it really get any better than that?! This is such an adorable Vintage Farmhouse Santa Shelf Sitter!! This would look amazing in a tired tray!

So stinking cute! I love it! <3

What do you think?

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  1. Can you please share a video using the stencils you got? I have never used stencils before and have no idea what I am doing lol

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