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DIY Patriotic Tool Box Planter

I love to make planters, and when I can tie in my love for anything patriotic it makes it that much more fun to make! While I was driving through town, I found this old wooden tool box curbside! What an amazing find it was too, and I couldn’t wait to get started on this DIY Patriotic Tool Box Planter, since my old tool box had rotted out! Follow along and give one a go too, you will not be disappointed!


Wooden Tool Box – Curbside Find
Paints- Deep Burgundy, Deep Midnight Blue, Almondine, and black
Stain- Dark Walnut
Wooden Star – Thrifted 

First, I took the tool box outside, and painted the entire thing black..

Second, I taped off two sections on the sides of the tool box to paint the deep burgundy stripes. I left a large square section on one end for later.

Third, once the red sections were dry, I taped off those sections to paint the almondine stripes.

Fourth, I painted the edge of the tool box I left blank, with the deep midnight blue paint.

Fifth, I painted the thrifted wooden star with the almondine paint.

Sixth, I gave the entire tool box a coating of the dark walnut stain.

Finally, I screwed the star to the blue section of the tool box, and covered the screw with some putty. Then stained the spot where the screw was to match.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier with this project, and being a curbside find made it that much more satisfying that the final result came out so amazing! When I find items either at the thrift store or like this one curbside that I can reuse, and bring back to life I love those crafts just that little bit more! I hope you loved this DIY Patriotic Tool Box Planter as much as I did making it and give one a try too! I will update final picture once I get it planted!

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