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Dollar Tree Sunflower Frame

Spring time is one of my more favorite seasons of the year! I love all the fresh flowers, and the new colors that Spring brings! When I get past my Winter crafting and into Spring projects I get in the mood for flowers, and warm weather! I found this frame at the Dollar Tree and knew I wanted to make something with flowers with it, I also had the perfect sunflower sticker I knew would look amazing! Hopefully you follow along with this Dollar Tree Sunflower Frame and love it enough to give it a try too!


Dollar Tree Frame
Buffalo Check Fabric
Sunflower Sticker
White and Black Paint
Tim Holtz Chipboard Quote

First, I took the frame apart and painted the wood with the white paint.

Second, I cut a section of the buffalo check fabric to fit the center of the inside of the frame I removed. I then used Mod Podge to secure it down.

Third, I used the black paint and smudged some around the inner and outer rim of the frame.

Fourth, I replaced the inner part of the frame back into place.

Fifth, I placed the sunflower sticker to the center of the buffalo check fabric.

Finally, I glued down the Tim Holtz Chipboard quote to the center of the frame at the bottom.

Here it is all finished, how do you think the final project came out? I absolutely love this! The brightness of the sunflower against the buffalo check fabric just pops! This craft couldn’t have come out any more perfect for what I had in mind! I love it when my ideas come to life and I can share them with you! Hopefully you followed along and decide you want to make this Dollar Tree Sunflower Frame too!

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