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Farmhouse Egg Decor

I love to use items that stores decided to put on clearance! When I grabbed these faux eggs I knew I wanted to make something with them, I just wasn’t sure what. I sat and looked through my supplies until I came across an egg carton I saved and the idea struck! I also remembered that I had these cute stamps I found while thrifting and everything just came together! That’s the best, isn’t it? I hope you enjoy this Farmhouse Egg Decor as much as I did making it, and decide you want to give it a go!


Faux Eggs – Walmart
White & Tan Paint
Egg Carton
Egg Stamps – Thrift Store

First, I cut the egg carton in half.

Second, I used the white and tan paint and painted three eggs with each color.

Third, I used the egg stamps I found at the thrift store to stamp each of the eggs.

Fourth, I placed some of the excelsior into the egg carton.

Finally, I placed the eggs into the carton with the sayings facing front.

Here it is all finished, what do you think, simple right? I love how this turned out! The little sayings on the thrifted stamps are a riot! This craft was so, so simple to make and took me hardly any time at all. I couldn’t believe how fast I sailed through making this craft, and couldn’t be happier with the end result. This craft will look perfect in my new craft booth too! I hope you decide you want to make your own Farmhouse Egg Decor too!

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