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Patriotic Oil Lamp Vase

I’m sure most people have noticed by now I am a huge fan of crafts that can be used for all different holidays and seasons. Nothing like being able to take one of your favorite projects and switch out a couple things that make it fit with the rest of the current decor. I was inspired by A fellow creator Western Grace Home Decor for this idea, check her out she does some amazing crafts! This DIY is just that, super simple, inexpensive and did I mention absolutely gorgeous!! Come check out this Patriotic Oil Lamp Vase.


Oil Lamp- Thrift Store $4.99

Patriotic Florals- Or your choice of florals

Red, White & Blue Sheer Ribbon- Hobby Lobby

First start out by filling the oil lamp with your Patriotic florals, or any florals of your choice.

Next take your red, white and blue sheer ribbons and tie them around the neck of the oil lamp. If those colors don’t match your florals go ahead and swap them out for some colors that coordinate.

With these two easy steps you are all set and ready to display. Like I mentioned earlier you can make this for any decor style, holiday or season. Change it out and have fun with it! The possibilities are endless. Do you think you will make a Patriotic Oil Lamp Vase?

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