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Dollar Tree Bunny Shelf Sitter

I love when Spring time rolls around! After getting through the brutal New England Winters, Spring is a welcome time of the year. With Spring comes Easter and I love to craft bunnies for it! When I found this bunny head at the Dollar Tree I knew just what I could create with him. I hope you follow along with this Dollar Tree Bunny Shelf Sitter and make one for yourselves too!


Dollar Tree Bunny Head
Small Plaque 
Dollar Tree Jenga Block
1/2 Round Bead
Spanish Moss
Muslin Strip
Lace Ribbon and Twine
Letter Stamps 
Antique White and Pink Paint
Antique Wax

First, I painted the bunny head with the antique white paint and painted the plaque and jenga block with the Antique Wax.

Second, I used the pink paint to blot on some rosy cheeks and smeared a line up each of the ears.

Third, I used the Antique Wax around the edges of the bunny. Then, I took the 1/2 round bead stained it with antique was and then hot glued it as the bunnies nose. Finally, cut a piece of the lace ribbon and tied it into a bow using the twine to secure it. I then glued that at the center of the ears.

Fourth, I hot glued the jenga block in the center of the plaque, making a stand I could glue the bunny to.

Fifth, I hot glued the back of the bunny to the jenga block.

Sixth, I placed a bunch of the Spanish Moss around the base of the bunny.

Finally, I used the letter stamps to stamp out “HOP” onto a piece of the muslin fabric. I then secured it to the stem of some of the florals which I then inserted through the Spanish Moss.

Here he is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier, I think he turned out amazing and can’t wait to get him into my craft booth on my next trip! This craft took very little supplies, a lot of which I already had on hand and couldn’t have been simpler to put together! I hope you can give this Dollar Tree Bunny Shelf Sitter a try too!

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