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Dollar Tree Sunflower Framed Print

Who doesn’t love sunflowers? I know I do, they are my favorite flower! Crafting anything with sunflowers just makes me so happy! I love these frames from Dollar Tree and thought it would be perfect with one of my sunflower printables! I will include the link in my post for the sunflower print incase you choose to give this Dollar Tree Sunflower Framed Print a shot too!


Dollar Tree Frame

Sunflower Printable – Resized to 4×6 https://shopcreatingthroughchaos.com/collections/printables

Vintage Mustard Paint

Antique Wax

First, I removed the backing from the frame, then painted it with the vintage mustard paint.

Second, I lightly sanded around the edges of the frame as well as on the raised portions.

Third, I used the Antique Wax to give the frame a light coating.

Finally, I placed the printed sunflower setting into the frame and replaced the back. When printing go to the more settings options and size to whatever frame size you have.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I love the vintage mustard coloring of the frame with the sunflowers. They just blend so well together, and I couldn’t be happier with the final result of this craft project! This project was so simple to put together even the beginner crafter could knock this out of the park! I hope you followed along and decided to make this Dollar Tree Sunflower Framed Print! ! Here again is the link to the printable if you choose to make a Dollar Tree Sunflower Framed Print of your own too! https://shopcreatingthroughchaos.com/collections/printables.

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