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Patriotic Thrifted Mini Birdhouse

It’s that time of year again, when I start getting into my patriotic crafting! I love all things patriotic and it makes it even more fun to craft something with our red, white, and blue when the items I use are thrift store finds! When I can make something that was no longer of use to someone beautiful again, those turn out to be some of my most favorite craft projects! This Patriotic Thrifted Mini Birdhouse was a blast to make and came out amazing, I hope you follow along and decide you want to give one a shot too!


Thrifted Mini Birdhouse 
Star Stencil 
Antique Wax
Red, White and Blue

Paint colors I use for all of my patriotic crafting.

First, I painted stripes of the deep burgundy all the way around the birdhouse.

Second, I painted the remains stripes with the almondine paint.

Third, I painted the base and roof of the birdhouse with the deep midnight blue paint. I then also painted the perch the same color.

Fourth, I used a stencil I had on hand with stars I liked to stencil stars onto the roof with the almondine paint.

Fifth, I mixed burnt umber paint with some water to get the faint color I liked to line each of the stripes.

Finally, I lightly sanded around all of the edges, then gave a light coating of the Antique Wax.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it came out? I love that I could turn this old birdhouse from my thrift store treasure hunt into something that is absolutely amazing! This Patriotic Thrifted Mini Birdhouse is perfect for this time of year and I can’t wait to show it off! It took my next to no supplies and was so quick and easy to make I wish I had more! So what do you think, did you follow along and enjoy this DIY enough to give one a try for yourselves?

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