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Dollar Tree Valentine Reverse Canvas

Have you seen all the cute stuff at Dollar Tree for Valentines Day?? They have some awesome stuff, but they also have the traditional boxes of chocolates, which is what I used for this project! This Dollar Tree Valentine Reverse Canvas is just too adorable, and what is better than chocolates and crafting??!! I didn’t look outside the box for this project I looked on the box! HaHa!

Here are your simple supplies!

  • Dollar Tree Box of Chocolates
  • Dollar Tree 4×6 Stretched Canvas
  • Mod Podge
  • Brown Wax

Take an exacto knife or box cutter and cut the canvas on the back around the staples. Once you have that cut off use a small screwdriver and pliers and take out the staples, this can be a bit of a pain but once you get the hang of it it goes quickly. Next, take your frame and lay it on the canvas and trim it to fit the frame.

We need to stain the frame now, using the brown wax apply with a rag or paint brush, then wipe off the excess.

Lay your canvas on the back of the frame (white side down), make sure it fits and then hot glue into place. Pulling tight while gluing.

Grab your box of chocolates, open those up and eat all the chocolates, we can’t have them go bad! Once those are gone grab your scissors and cut out the truck and the three words at the top of the box. The chocolates are a reward for all of this hard work! =P

Mod Podge your truck onto the canvas, and then the words onto the frame at the top however you wish! All done! How stinkin’ cute is this project?! Super adorable and cost $2! I love how it turned out and it would be great on a tiered tray or a Valentine’s Day Coffee Bar!

SO cute!!

Will you be making your own Dollar Tree Valentine Reverse Canvas??

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