What I Have I Been Doing?

Hello All,
I wanted to check in and see how everyone has been and share some things!
Well to start we got notice that we have to move…
this came as quite a surprise, but like it or not it is what it is.
I hate moving and packing and finding a place etc..
I am however excited because I will be moving closer to my family
and my booth and local to all shopping needs also. 
We are currently 30+ min from all of those things now 
which creates some issues some days!
Anyway, the booth is doing great and I love having it!
It gives me a reason to hunt for goodies to fill it up and a reason to make things also!
Tomorrow I will be moving from one space in the shop to another bigger space,
I wanted more floor space and the current spot I am in doesn’t off that.
I will be sure to share lots of pics when I am done!
I have been doing a little creating lately I am not really big
on Valentines and Easter crafting, but I have made a couple things!
We also got a puppy he is half lab half husky!
We named his Raja and he is just adorable!
Well having him inspired me to make a few things,
I made him a leash hanger as we seem to keep losing the leash!
Then I took and old blanket and made him a dog bed, he seems to like it!
So, those are a few things I have made recently!
I listed them on Etsy and I also made some bunnies for the booth!
I hope your all enjoying the new year!
~ Janice
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