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DIY Dollar Tree Primitive Christmas Lantern

I love primitive and rustic style and for year my whole house was decorated in that style. We moved and I changed things to a more farmhouse style. I still kept a lot of my vintage things and some of the primitive decor. However even though I changed my everyday style I still loved rustic and primitive and vintage for Christmas decor. When I saw these lanterns at Dollar Tree over the summer, I knew I wanted to grab a couple to redo for Christmas. I always try to think ahead. So, join me as I create this DIY Dollar Tree Primitive Christmas Lantern!


Dollar Tree Lantern
Fabric for Bow
Burgundy Paint
Mod Podge

The first thing I did was pop out the light and painted the whole lantern with a burgundy paint. I even did the inside, which was a little tricky. I used the open parts in the front to get paint inside and the hole from the light. You do not need to do this part, totally a preference. I preferred to paint it so it was all one color, and I can’t leave anything half done ha-ha!

Next, I took some Mod Podge and put it in areas all around the lantern where it would rust if it was naturally doing so. The corners, along the edges etc. Then I sprinkled those spots with the cinnamon, and then coated over the cinnamon with another coat of Mod Podge. You can keep doing this process over and over until you get the desired look you want. I think I did the process 2 times. TIP: Pour your Mod Podge into a plate so you don’t get cinnamon in your whole bottle, also you can mix the cinnamon and Mod Podge on the plate and dab that on in other places.

Finally, I added some greenery that I cut off some larger picks. Then I took some ticking fabric and made a bow to glue in the middle of the greenery. The final touch I added a silver bell in the center of the bow. I made the bell look rusty by dabbing a paint brush in brown wax then wiped off the excess and then dabbed it on the bell. It works quite well for making them look aged. This project is FINISHED!!

I LOVE how it turned out! I’m not sure why the greenery looks so BIG in this picture, I assure you it isnt that huge looking lol.

I absolutely adore this project, so cute and easy and make the perfect primitive/rustic ornament! It even lights up!! How adorable is this?!?! Do you think you’ll try to make a DIY Dollar Tree Primitive Christmas Lantern? This would make a super cute gift too!

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  1. SANDI ALLEN says:

    Very cute idea! Love it!

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