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DIY Craft Room Decor Makeover

I’m sure most of you love two things as much as I do, the first being a good yard sale find and the second a nice, organized craft room. My crafting room was getting crazy, and I knew I had to do something about it. Once I can’t find things, I just can’t do my projects the way that I’d like. So, when I decided that I was going to do a complete makeover. I painted the walls, purged a bunch of things and started adding in more storage and organizing everything. Of course, I wanted to add some fun crafty decor too, I mean after all I am a crafter! I had gone to some yard sales over the past few weeks and used some cool finds to add some great decor to my room. Follow along with me for this DIY Craft Room Decor Makeover.

Oversized Buttons

These big buttons are so cool, I knew that they would be so fun to makeover. I brought them home gave them a light sand and added some colors to them. This took a couple coats of paint to fully cover and make sure that the colors really stood out. I hung them up on the wall in my craft room and they look so awesome.

Create Sign

I found this “Create” sign and knew that it would fit in so perfect with the other ideas that I had for my craft room decor. It’s a tin sign, not too heavy and a great size. I brought this one home and painted each one of the letters a different color. I stuck with the same bright color theme that I used on my buttons. This came out super cool, I love how it fits right in with the rest of the decor.

Large Scissors

These scissors were an absolute must have. I took them home, took them apart and sanded them down and added a few coats of a silver spray paint. After the paint dried, I put them back together, I threw a couple coats of paint on the handles that worked well with the other paints. I then hung them on the wall by the buttons. As you can see, they go great with the buttons.

Mini Chest of Drawers

This little chest of drawers I knew would be great for organizing some of my smaller crafting items. So, once I got this home, I sanded it down a little and them covered it in a white paint and primer in one. Once the primer dried, I added the paint colors that I already had used in the previous projects. I painted each drawer a different color and kept the outside white. A couple coats of each paint to really make sure that the color stands out and this was all done. I think it came out amazing and I can’t wait to fill it with my stuff and get myself more organized.

I hope you all enjoyed these makeover decor projects. Maybe this will give everybody some inspiration to organize your craft room and add some fun decor. Did this inspire you do some DIY Craft Room Decor Makeover? If you want to see the whole craft room makeover, I have a video on Facebook right here!

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