When I came across these wood rounds, I knew I had to turn them into some kind or an ornament, especially a woodland style one! With it being Christmas time, I thought that a deer would be the perfect thing! I have to tell you I love how they turned out! These DIY Deer Wood Round Ornaments were the perfect addition to my collection of ornaments I’ve crafted this holiday season! I hope you enjoy this and give them a try too!

Supplies for deer ornament


Wood Rounds
Paints – Brown, Burgundy, White and Black
Holographic Illusions 
Berry Pick – Dollar Tree

Painted V shape on wood round

First, I took the wood rounds and painted an upside-down triangle on the top of each of the three pieces since we will be making three ornaments.

Second, I dry brushed some burgundy paint to make the rosy cheeks, then used the black paint to create the nose and mouth of the deer.

painted deer face on wood round

Third, I used the end of my paintbrush with some black paint and created the eyes of the deer.

Fourth, I used the end of my paintbrush with some white paint, and created the dots in the area of the triangle, along with in the cheeks and a single one in the eyes.

added glitter to wood round deer faces

Fifth, I brushed on some holographic glitter paint.

added antlers and ears and hanger

Sixth, I cut some small pieces of the berry picks I found at Dollar Tree. I used three more of the wood rounds and glued two pieces of the berry picks to each one creating the look of antlers.

Seventh, I cut out six pieces of felt in the shape that most resembled ears for the deer. Then folded in the bottom of each one hot gluing it into place.

felt ears for deer

Eighth, once I had the shape of the ears I wanted in the felt, I brushed a small amount of burgundy paint onto the center of each one to give it that inner ear look.

added ears

Ninth, I hot glued two of each of the felt ears to the second set of three wood rounds next to where I glued the antlers.

Tenth, I cut length of twine long enough to make a hanger for each of the ornaments, and glued each one onto the wood rounds that I put the ears, and antlers on. I made sure to glue it far enough into the center so there was less chance of it being pulled out.

glued two wood rounds together


I hot glued a deer face wood round to each of the rounds that have the antlers on them. This created the whole deer look once everything was together. For one of my DIY Deer Wood Round Ornaments, I added a small amount of greenery to the top. However, you could do this to one, all, or none of yours, it’s completely your choice.

deer ornament hanging in the Christmas tree

Here is the project all finished, what do you think? I don’t think I could be happier with how they turned out. They’re cute and just the right amount of festive, and they bring out that fun holiday spirit! I can’t wait to hang these and show them off! What do you think? Will you give these DIY Deer Wood Round Ornaments a try for yourselves? Merry Christmas!

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