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DIY Santa Ornament

If you’ve been following me since I started my Christmas posts this season, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been making quite a few ornaments. I love to decorate my mini Christmas tree with handmade ornaments, so I figured I was missing Good Old Saint Nick. Who doesn’t love to see his handsome little face lit up on the tree. Follow along with me for a DIY Santa Ornament.


Wood Round

White Pom Pom

Paints- Red, White, Black, Peach, Pink, Green


Faux Snow

First we are going to start off by using some white paint to stencil out where Santa’s hat and his face will be painted

In the oval that you sketched out for the face go ahead and paint that with your peach colored paint

Now go ahead and using your red, pink and black paints add his hat and his face to the piece of wood

With your white paint add Santa’s beard and the white fuzz to his hat

Next using your green paint add a little holly leaf to Santa’s hat. In this step you can also add a little mouth and eyebrows. Also use your faux snow on his beard and the brim of his hat to make it stand out a little.

Finally use a dab of hot glue and add a pom pom to the end of his hat. Also add a small string to the top of your ornament so that you can hang it on your tree. With this final step this adorable little guy is complete.

This guy came out so stinkin’ cute I am absolutely in love with him. He came out even better than I had expected. He looks adorable hanging on my tree. Do you think you will make a DIY Santa Ornament?

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