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DIY Gingerbread Cookie Snowflakes

Who doesn’t like Gingerbread cookies? I know I do, and what’s even better is when you can use them to decorate so they never go bad. I saw these wooden snowflakes at the Dollar Tree and knew I could turn them into something great for more than one project. Follow along with me for a DIY Gingerbread Cookie Snowflakes.


Wooden Snowflakes- Dollar Tree

Brown Paint

3D Fabric Paint- White

Spackle (optional)


The first step in this project is completely optional. I chose to fill in the little holes on the snowflakes with some spackle. If you want to use your cookies to hang on the tree or around the house, you can skip this step and add some ribbon or twine through the holes at the end.

Next go ahead and cover all of the snowflakes with your brown paint.

After the paint has dried add your white 3D fabric paint to your snowflakes. You are going to want to fill in all the lines across the snowflakes.

Next while the fabric paint is still wet sprinkle glitter across the snowflakes. The wet paint will help the glitter stick to the snowflakes.

These came out super cute and could be a fun craft to do with the kids. You could mix and match paint and fabric paint colors. Not only could you display them on a plate as a fun little cookie craft but you could add hangers and add them to the Christmas Tree or hang them throughout the house. Do you think you will make DIY Gingerbread Cookie Snowflakes?

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