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DIY Winter Sled

One of the most fun activities for anybody once the snow starts to fall is sledding. I love the look of an old sled or toboggan. So when I was poking around a local Thrift Store and saw this little wooden sled I just knew I could turn it into a great little holiday piece. Not only that but it could be displayed all Winter. Follow along with me for a DIY Winter Sled.


Wooden Sled- Thrift Store

Stencils- your choice

Wooden Tag



Folk Art Brown Wax

Red and White Paint

Start off this craft by taking your Folk Art Brown Wax and completely cover the main piece of the sled and the center of your wooden tag.

After the wax has dried go ahead and take your red paint and cover the runners of the sled and the outside of your wooden tag. This could take 2 coats to completely cover.

Once all of your paint has dried go ahead and add stencils to the top of your sled and the face of the wooden tag. I used white paint for this step to help it really stand out.

Next I glued the wooden tag to the top of the sled. I also added a small piece of greenery on top of the tag with some hot glue.

Finally I added a bow and a bell to the tag and attached both with hot glue. This completes the project.

This came out so gorgeous and can be hung in any room, or maybe even on a covered porch. Not only was this an inexpensive project but I love how you can choose any stencils and really make it fit your style. Do you think you will make a DIY Winter Sled?

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