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DIY Valentines Day Sign

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how much I love decorating my hutch, I switch for every holiday. I always include some handmade projects of my own, as well as some store bought items and little trinkets that have been given to me over the years. This year I added lots of hearts and little antique looking keys. This DIY fit into the theme so perfectly, follow along with me for a DIY Valentines Day Sign.


Block of wood

Heart with key hole- Joann’s



Scrapbook Paper


First start out by painting your heart with red paint, whichever shade matches your decor go with it. Then paint the front of your wood block with Antique White and the outside edge with your red. Make sure to cover everything fully and let it completely dry.

Take the scrapbook paper that you chose and cut it to the size of your wood block. Once you have your paper cut out go ahead and cover the wood block with some Mod Podge and attach the paper.

Next take your ribbon and pull it through your key. Then tie it in a bow through the hole in the top of your heart.

This came out so awesome, and not only would look great on a hutch as I mentioned above but would look great in any room on a shelf or even the kitchen counter. It for sure brings some fun for the Valentines Day holiday. Do you think you will make a DIY Valentines Day Sign?

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