Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays! The ghosts and goblins and Trick or Treating, I just love it! I found these Halloween wood pieces and knew I needed to make this project. I hope you like this DIY Halloween Hanger and give one a try too!


Dollar Tree Board
Wood Oval – Walmart
Trick or Treat Cutout – Joann’s 
Ribbon, spider web (Dollar Tree), Halloween Design (Dollar Tree) and Colorful Twisted Ribbon (had on hand)
Paints- Black, Purple, Orange and Lime Green

First, I took each one of the wooden pieces I collected and painted them their own color. Witch hat is black, solid board is lime green, oval is purple, and Trick or Treat sign is orange.

Second, I hot glued the dried oval onto the solid board, and then I hot glued the Trick or Treat sign onto the oval.

Third, I hot glued the colorful twisted ribbon around the outer edge of the purple oval.

Fourth, I used hot glue to secure the spider web at the top and the bottom of the lime green board.

Fifth, I used the Halloween ribbon and hot glued a band around the witch hat. Once I had the ribbon in place, I hot glued the hat onto the top of the oval.

Sixth, I took the plastic spider and hot glued him onto the witch hat.

Finally, I used more of the twisted colorful ribbon and made the hanger. I secured it to the back using hot glue.

Take a look at the final result! I think it came out amazing! The lime green in the back ground really draws you in, and makes the whole hanger pop with color! I really hope you enjoyed this DIY Halloween Hanger project and give one a try too!

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