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DIY Thrifted Candle Holder

I love when I can get into the thrift stores to find their hidden treasures! When I found this candle holder on one of my latest visits, I couldn’t wait to get it home and start to put my inspirations for it together! This is so simple and easy! I love how this DIY Thrifted Candle Holder turned out, and soon enough it will be in my new craft booth.


Silver Dish
Candle Holder

First, I used Gorilla Glue to secure the silver dish to the candle holder.

Second, I placed a candle in the center of the dish and then added greenery around it.

Here it is all finished, what do you think? I absolutely love it, I did nothing to the pieces except glue them together. They were in rather nice shape when I found them and I wanted that used look to the candle holder! This project took me literally five minutes to complete, and was one of the simplest crafts I’ve ever done! I love the contrast of the metal and the white together! I hope you enjoyed this DIY Thrifted Candle Holder as much as I liked putting it together and give one a try too!

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