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DIY Primitive Jack O Lantern Candle

I’m back at the Halloween crafts! I absolutely love crafting for Halloween and this DIY Primitive Jack O Lantern Candle was so much fun to make while also being super easy! I really hope you give this project a try too!


Jack O Lantern Candle
Burnt Orange Paint
Mod Podge
Strip of Muslin
Rusty Pin and Bell

First, I painted the Jack O Lantern Candle with burnt orange. Then once it was dry I coated it in Mod Podge and covered the entire thing with cinnamon.

Second, I added another coat of Mod Podge to the entire Jack O Lantern.

Third, I added another coat of the cinnamon to give the Jack O Lantern the grainy texture.

Finally, I added a Muslin bow around the candle base and secured a rusty bell to the bow with the rusty safety pin.

Wow this project was so quick, easy, and super fun to make! I seriously can’t make enough Halloween crafts quick enough to get all the ideas out! I love this DIY Primitive Jack O Lantern Candle and hope you like it enough to give one a try too!

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