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DIY Halloween Decoupaged Sign

I’m loving making my Halloween crafts this year! There are so many fun and super easy ideas that I need to get out that I’m crafting like a mad woman. I can’t wait to get all my ideas out there to you! I really hope you enjoy this DIY Halloween Decoupaged Sign and give one a try for yourself!


Dollar Tree Chalk Board
Dollar Tree Gems & Beads 
Paint- Black, White, Pink
Enchanted Shimmer
Mod Podge

First, I took the Dollar Tree chalk board removed the hanger, and then painted the inside white and the rim of the chalk board black.

Second, I used Mod Podge to secure down the Trick or Treat napkin into the center of the chalk board. I then cut off the excess napkin.

Third, I used the handle of my paint brush with pink paint to make the dots all along the outer edge of the frame.

Fourth, I used the Dollar Tree gems and beads to make a boarder around the Trick or Treat napkin. I used hot glue to secure them down.

Fifth, I used the Enchanted Shimmer to coat the entire chalk board.

Finally, I used a piece of ribbon to make the hanger, tying a knot on each end after I pulled it through the holes in the chalk board.

Here’s the final project, what do you think? I can’t wait to hang it out on my door for the Trick or Treaters this year! It was such a fun craft to put together and super inexpensive too! I really hope you enjoyed this DIY Halloween Decoupaged Sign and want to give one a try too!

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