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DIY Primitive Spool Candle Holder

This was such a fun project to make! When I came across this old spool I just had to turn it into a candle holder and what better than primitive too! I Hope you’ll like this DIY Primitive Spool Candle Holder craft to give it a try!


Old Spool
Fabric – Coffee Dyed 
Stained Tag
Spanish Moss
Primitive Candle
Rusty Bell & Safety Pin

First, I used the coffee dyed fabric and wrapped it around the center of the old spool and secured it with hot glue.

Second I took the stained tag and stamped “Gather” onto it.

Third, I used more of the coffee dyed fabric, attached the stained tag and tied it into a ribbon around the center of the spool.

Fourth, I used a rusty safety pin to secure the rusty bell to the center of the bow.

Fifth, I hot glued a bunch of the Spanish Moss to the top of the old spool.

Finally, there was a hole in the top of the old spool that was the perfect fit for the primitive candle to nestle right in.

Here it is all finished! I really like how this turned out with the old spool, it was the perfect base to use as a candle holder! Do you think you’ll give this a try and make your own DIY Primitive Spool Candle Holder?

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