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Watermelon Summer Hanging Fence Sign

I love crafting fun Summer time projects! When I can add in a slice of watermelon, how could I resist. I found this slice of watermelon at Hobby Lobby, and I just had to have it. Next, I made a trip over to my local Dollar Tree where I had previously seen this hanging fence, that I knew would work perfect for what I was imagining this project to be! Follow along with this Watermelon Summer Hanging Fence Sign, and you decide if you want to give one a go too!


Dollar Tree Fence
1/2 Wood Beads
Watermelon – Hobby Lobby
White Paint 

First, I painted the whole fence with the white paint.

Second, I painted two of the half beads with the green paint and three of them with the red.

Third, I glued the watermelon to the fence on a slight angle.

Fourth, I glued the half beads to the top bottom of the fence post, alternating colors.

Finally, I cut a couple lengths of twine and tied them into a bow. I then glued the bow to the top corner of the fence, adding a button to the center of it.

Here it is all finished, how do you think the final project turned out? I absolutely love it, it came out exactly how I thought it would! Nothing makes me happier than when my ideas come to life and look how I envisioned them in my head! There were very few supplies needed to make this craft project come to life, and took me minimal time to make it too! What do you think, will you be giving this Watermelon Summer Hanging Fence Sign a try too?

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