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Dollar Tree Primitive Jack O Lantern

Who doesn’t love Halloween? I know I do! It’s one of my favorite holidays, especially to craft for! I love to mesh primitive with Halloween too! I hope you enjoy this DIY and try to make your own Dollar Tree Primitive Jack O Lantern.


Dollar Tree Jack O Lantern
Paint- Black, Burnt Umber, Burnt Orange 
Antique Wax
Sponge Dauber
Mini Leaf
Rusty Star
Coffee Dyed Tag
Mod Podge

First, I took the Dollar Tree Jack O Lantern and painted it black.

Second, I mixed some of the Burnt Umber and Burnt Orange paint and used a sponge dauber to cover the entire Jack O Lantern allowing the Burnt Orange and Umber to both be prevalent.

Third, I took Mod Podge and added it to a few places around the Jack O Lantern and then, sprinkled with the cinnamon to create a faux rust look with texture.

Fourth, I used more of the mixed paint and sponged it over top of the cinnamon I sprinkled on.

Fifth, I used Antique Wax around the edges of the Jack O Lantern including, the eyes and mouth. I also used the Antique Wax on the base of the Jack O Lantern.

Sixth, I used a piece of twine and wrapped it around the stem of the Jack O Lantern and secured it with hot glue.

Finally, I used some Raffia which I attached the coffee stained “Jack” tag and tied a bow around the stem. Next I hot glued the mini leaf and rusty star to the bow.

Here he is all finished! I love the way this came out with his primitive look! It was so exciting to make and with the cinnamon smells delicious too. I hope you enjoyed this enough to make your own Dollar Tree Primitive Jack O Lantern.

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