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Dollar Tree Home Shelf Sitter

Making crafts that can be used all year round is always something that I love to do. Especially when it is something that is small enough to be tucked into the decor of any room in your house. A few simple supplies made this DIY super adorable. Follow along with me for a Dollar Tree Home Shelf Sitter.


Square Shadow Box- Dollar Tree

House Wall Stickers- Dollar Tree

Wooden Letters- Dollar Tree

Spanish Moss

Paint- White Chalk & Sage

Brown Wax

Hot Glue

Start by covering the shadow box and the wooden letters with the brown wax.

Next paint your house wall stickers with the white chalk paint

Once the brown wax on the shadow box is dry cover over it with the white chalk paint. You can dry brush this on to give it a more rustic look.

After the white chalk paint is dry, take your house wall stickers and put them inside each of the shadow box squares. If the sticker doesn’t stick well you can use a small amount of hot glue to make them stay in place.

Now take your HOME letters and cover over them with the white chalk paint.

When the paint on your letters is dry, using hot glue attach them to the front of the shadow box. Placing the H and O on one side and the M and E on the other side.

Then use a small amount of Spanish moss to fill the bottom of each of the shadow box squares.

This little craft came out so cute and was inexpensive and easy to make. I can’t wait to nestle it in on a shelf, with my other “homey” decor. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Home Shelf Sitter?

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  1. Bobbi Phegley says:

    O absolutely love finding these here and you know Ms Janet i tell you i love it all ive missed so many im catching back up much love girl

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