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DIY Reverse Canvas Succulent Sign

I love when I can get items at the Dollar Store that I can rip apart and use them completely different from what it was intended for. That’s where my crafty imagination comes into play! I decided that I wanted to use just the frame of a canvas I purchased and turn it into this DIY Reverse Canvas Succulent Sign. I hope you enjoy this DIY as much as I did creating it and give one a try too!


Dollar Tree Canvas

Jumbo Craft Sticks

Small Plaque

1/2 Wood Beads

RubOn Transfers Amazon https://amzn.to/436qHbB

Black and White Paint 

Antique Wax

First, I removed the canvas from the wooden frame. I made sure all staples were out of the frame.

Second, I painted the entire wooden frame with black paint.

Third, I covered all of the jumbo craft sticks with the Antique Wax.

Fourth, I painted the small plaque with the white paint.

Fifth, I cut each of the ends off of the craft sticks. I then hot glued the sticks to the back of the frame.

Sixth, I chose the rub on transfers I wanted to use and applied them onto the plaque.

Seventh, I hot glued the plaque to the center of the front side of the frame.

Eighth, I painted all of the 1/2 wood beads with the black paint.

Finally, I hot glued each of the 1/2 wood beads at each corner of the plaque.

Here it is all finished, how do you think the final project looks? I think it came out better than even I imagined it would. The contrast of the Antique Wax, black and white paint just makes the whole craft pop! I love the look of the waxed craft sticks on this project, and I couldn’t be happier with the end result of the finished craft! So what do you think, will you give this DIY Reverse Canvas Succulent Sign a shot too?

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