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DIY Wooden Chick Pull Toy

When I make my way to the thrift stores, I get so excited for the new items I’ll find each time. And I always find amazing ones that I know I can turn into something uniquely beautiful. When I came across this wooden chick pull toy, I knew that I could make something amazing with it! I hope you agree, and follow along with this DIY Wooden Chick Pull Toy and decide to make one of your own too!


Wooden Chick Pull Toy – Thrifted
Paints – White, Yellow, Baby Blue and Sage Green

First, I painted the entire chick with the yellow paint.

Second, I painted the whole base of the pull toy with the baby blue paint.

Third, I painted the flower petals, and the wheels of the pull toy with the white paint.

Fourth, I painted the leaf of the flower with the sage green paint. I then painted the center of the wheels and the center of the flower with the yellow paint.

Finally, I painted the little ball handle on the pull string with the baby blue paint.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier with this thrift store find and how the end result came out! It was such a fun and simple craft, that took me nearly no time at all to complete. It now has so much color, it’s the perfect Spring time decor. I love when I find items that someone no longer had a use for that I can bring back to life! I hope you all enjoyed this DIY Wooden Chick Pull Toy craft and decide to give one a try too!

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