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Dollar Tree Rustic Chick

I absolutely love to craft for Spring Time, it has to be one of my more favorite seasons to craft for! With the new life Spring brings and the warmer temps, it brings all sorts of new ideas to my mind. On my latest trip into the Dollar Tree I found this wooden chick and knew I had to get it to bring him to life! I have previously done one on my Facebook page and I thought I would do this one a bit differently. I hope you follow along with this Dollar Tree Rustic Chick, and are inspired to create one for yourselves too!


Dollar Tree Wooden Chick
Dollar Tree Tile
Antique White Paint
Mod Podge + Hot Glue to adhere the tile
Antique Wax
Coffee Stained Lace Ribbon 
Burlap Flower

First, I traced the wooden chick onto the Dollar Tree tile, then I cut it out.

Second, I cut a second piece of the Dollar Tree tile into a sort of tear drop shape to use as a wing for the chick.

Third, I used Mod Podge and hot glue to adhere the tile to the wooden chick. I then painted both the chick and the wing piece with the antique white paint.

Fourth, I used the Antique Wax over the entire chicks raised surfaces, as well as on the wing piece.

Fifth, I cut equal lengths of twine and coffee stained lace ribbon and tied them into a bow around the chicks neck.

Finally, I again used hot glue and Mod Podge to secure the wing to the chick. I then hot glued the burlap flower to the bow.

Here is the final result, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier with the end result, it turned out just how I imagined it would! There were so many different ways I could have brought this craft to life, but deciding to go the rustic route was the best fit for how I saw my Dollar Tree Rustic Chick turning out! I hope you were inspired by this craft project, and decided to give one a try too! Remember you can change things up, add new things or go in an entirely different direction.

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