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DIY Santa Boot Arrangement

I was poking around a thrift store recently and saw these super cute little rain boots. I knew they could be turned into something super cute for the Christmas season. With a few supplies that I already had on hand I transformed these into a super cute display for the upcoming holiday. Come check out this DIY Santa Boot Arrangement.


Boots- I got mine at a thrift store

Black Spray Paint or Any Black Paint

White Fur

Florals of your choice

Santa Poke & Snowflake

First I went ahead and took my boots outside. Over a piece of newspaper I spray painted the boots with my black paint. I made sure to completely cover the outside of the boots. Painting the inside is completely optional.

Once the paint dries go ahead and take your white fur and hot glue it around the top of the boots.

Finally go ahead and put the floral piece that you chose and the Santa Poke & Snowflake inside of the boot.

Not only did this project take no time at all but it came out super cute. This was an easy DIY and came out so much cuter than I had even expected. Do you think you will make a DIY Santa Boot Arrangement?

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