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Mini Christmas Village

I’ve always loved Christmas villages, you can do so many fun things with them and can really bring out your personality. So what better way to start decorating for the upcoming holiday than to make your own Christmas village. Follow along with me for a Mini Christmas Village.


Mini Wooden Houses

Mini Wooden Pieces- Popsicle sticks would work

Scrap Wood



Faux Snow

Mini Christmas Wreath

We are going to start off by painting our houses, scrap wood and mini wood pieces. You can paint all of this with whatever colors you choose. I tried to stay with Christmas themed colors, but whatever works for your decor you should go for.

Next go ahead and paint the chimneys on each house. Then add the small pieces of scrap wood as doors and windows to the mini houses. I used hot glue to attach these pieces.

Now paint the roofs of the houses and add some white paint lines to the windows. You could also use chalk for this step.

While the houses are drying take your small piece of scrap wood and choose a stencil. I used Merry Christmas and a white paint over the brown paint that I covered it with originally.

Once the paint on everything is completely dry go ahead and attach your mini houses to the scrap wood using some hot glue.

Finally add some faux snow to the top of the scrap wood to make it look like you have a snowy street and add some to the tops of the doors and windows as well.

Add a mini wreath to the center roof and you are finished. This came out so adorable and I can’t wait to put it on display. It is going to look amazing on my hutch with all of the rest of my little Christmas crafts. Do you think you will make a Mini Christmas Village?

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  1. Suzy Godfrey says:

    Love it! I want to make some mini houses for my Christmas tier tray. And these look great. Where do you buy your stencils?

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